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Repair & Restoration

From creating a price estimate to putting the finishing touches on your restored book, Julia and Matt Larson work together to repair your books every step of the way. For over ten years, Julia has been reviving the lives of books throughout the world, performing "face lifts" on hundreds of books.

After taking a few courses at a Madison bindery, Julia was hooked. As she restored more books, she honed her skills and became a self-taught expert in book repair.

The Larson FamilyRely on Julia and Matt for all your questions concerning:

Book repairs

Book care

Book binding

Book imprinting

Working from their home in Nelson, Wisconsin, the Larson's find restoring family Bibles and heirlooms very rewarding.

Now with three girls in tow, the Larson's are making a name for themselves in the book restoration world. From small children's books to large family Bibles, the Larson's breathe new life into your precious books and heirlooms.

Contact them today to see how they can help restore your favorite cook books, photo albums, and family Bibles. Call 800-504-9341 today!

In The Press

Publication Restoration - July 2004
Julia Stanley is your battered book's best friend.

Does an aging publication have a broken or disconnected spine? Piece of cake.
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Resurrecting the Good Book(s)
- May 2005
In today's world of electronic wonders, anyone can instantly access the information superhighway with just a click of a mouse. But nothing can replace a good book.
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American Bible Society Video Interview - April 2007

Word of God - June 2007
Julia Stanley, the daughter of a minister, holds a special place in her heart for the Good Book.
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