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Treasured Books

Quickly and easily restore your beloved Bibles, cook books, history books, or children's books to like new with help from our experts. Whether you have one book or several that need repair, we can cost effectively restore your books to their younger versions. Unlike other book restoration services, we can usually repair your book within three to six weeks.

You have put it off long enough. Let us get it done!

Featured Book Repair Services

New Genuine Leather

$180 - $300

Large Family Bible

$500 - $900

New Imprinting

Multiple Colors
$15 - $20 per line

Seven Day Rush

May be available.
Add 30%

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Our book repair and restoration services include:

Book rebacking

Book recasing

Book rebinding

Book binding

Book resewing

Book recovering

Book imprinting

Book waxing

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Book restoration and repair at Stanley Book Repair and Restoration.
Featured Tip

Avoid Attics
Books stored in attic spaces are more susceptible to drying out and cracking in the spine and hinge areas. They will also be stiff and brittle when used again. If you must keep your books in the attic, wrap them in a linen-type cloth and store in sturdy cardboard boxes. Be sure to place them away from windows, leaky areas, chimneys, stove pipes, and heating vents.
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