Family Bibles

Repairing Family Bibles from the 1800s

With a few exceptions, family Bibles date from the 1800s or the 1950s. Family Bibles from the 1800s usually have good sewn bindings that have weakened and often need partial hand resewing.


Genuine leather surface

Thick hardboard covers that are grooved or flat

Ornate gold detailing

15-20 pounds each

12x14" with 3-6" in thickness.

Reparing Bibles from the 1950s

Because they are newer, family Bibles from the 1950s tend to need less sewing to repair the binding. The covers have a tendency to become damaged near the hinges and outer edges. This damage is not possible to repair, so many Bibles need new, customized full leather covers. Covers can be made to match the original color. Many of our customers choose the option to have the original front cover (full or partial) embedded as an inlay in the new hardback leather cover. This helps preserve the original aesthetic of the the Bible. Another option is extra wide (3/4-1") flexible leather edges to replicate the look and feel of the original cover.


Covers made from sturdy, semi-flexible cardboard

Generally a smaller in size

Less ornate gold detailing

View some of the bible repair projects we have completed in the past.

Family Bible Restoration

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Family Bible Restoration
Family Bible Restoration

Personal Bible Restoration
Personal Bible Restoration


Our Services

We lovingly restore both personal and family Bibles. We have repaired Bibles that are practically new as well as antique Bibles that are over 400 years old. We can help you by custom repairing or rebinding your personal bible. For many customers, full leather re-covering and new gold imprinting is the best option.

Why have your Bible restored?

Your handwritten notes are irreplaceable.

An identical replacement Bible is often out of print and cannot be purchased.

Newer versions of the same Bible (if available) will generally not have a sewn binding.

Your rebound Bible will be much stronger than the original and better able to last for many years of use.

You want to customize your Bible and make it more beautiful.

Your full leather re-covered Bible can be customized to your preferences.

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